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Aman Traders is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Guar Korma, Roasted Guar Korma & Guar Churi of India.

Todays  Prices  :

Roasted Guar Korma 1 m.t $440-490

Normal Guar Korma 1 m.t $390-450

Roasted Guar Churi Meal 1 m.t $300-340

(Prices in USD, FOR Mundra Port India)

About Guar Korma

During the guar split manufacturing process, husk and germ are obtained. These are used as a valuable cattle feed as they are rich in protein. Guar Meal is a by-product after processing the Guar Seed. That is, Guar gum is extracted from the guar seed Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba of leguminous plant. The extracted guar meal is further processed by toasting at a high temperature to remove Trypsin Inhibitor, thus improving its nutritive value.

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